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what is climate paws?

  • Climate Paws is a monthly subscription service offered to pet owners allowing them to make their pet carbon-neutral by purchasing offsets, in a similar fashion to offsetting the carbon impact of airline flights.

  • The carbon impact of pets is gaining greater attention in the media, among children and pet owners.
    Dogs are responsible for a carbon paw print equal to a third of their owners. Three dogs in a house is like having an extra person, as reported by Forbes. Much of a dogs carbon impact is in what it eats. A higher meat diet leads to a high carbon pawprint. Cats also have significant carbon pawprints. Non-meat eating pets have a carbon footprint that relates to their size; horses high, mice low.


  • Responsible pet owners, and their family increasingly want to make their pets carbon neutral.

  • Climate Paws can offer American or International carbon reduction activities to be chosen by the pet owner.

  • Climate Paws is also an ideal gift for a child’s new pet.

  • The cost of making a pet carbon neutral is low compared to the expected cost, and always below survey values of what owners think it should cost.

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